You're the party queen, and you're the dancing queen. I'm a lonely queen.

Hi, thank you for visiting my website! ★ I grew up on the internet, using Lissa Explains It All to create my own websites on Freewebs and edit my user profile on Neopets. The internet culture of the late 90s/early 2000s really shaped who I am as a person and I'm really glad that a tribute exists in the form of Neocities. I had previously made a WordPress site to write the occasional blog post, but as soon as I found out Neocities was a thing, I ran here instead.

My biggest passions are music (mostly j-pop) and visual novels, which I have dedicated pages for. Please feel free to take a look around! I hope you enjoy~

Recent Updates


It has been a REALLY crazy few months. My boyfriend and I moved from Long Island to Pittsburgh in September so it took a while to unpack and get settled in here. I'm really glad we made the move because I'm a lot happier here, plus I get to work from home. I also have my own room and just more space in general for all my degenerate stuff. Here's some pictures: Computer desk / Bedroom / Bookshelf and figures

In other news, I finally finished Persona 5. It only took me almost a year and 100 hours :') Now I've been spending some time playing the dancing game, Dancing in Starlight. Unpopular opinion but I prefer the dancing games to the Persona main games. I'm also excited because in the next week or two, Abigail Williams is being added as a Servant in Fate/Grand Order. I was really fascinated with the Salem Witch Trials as a kid and I've visited the town several times (the most recent being in 2016) so I hope I get her. My wallet is ready if it comes to that.

As far as this site goes, I added some new music and updated my visual novels page a bit. I'm trying to be good and resisting the Steam sale because I own so many VNs I haven't played yet.


I added a cute Minako to the background of my site~ Also added a new game to visual novels and a couple of songs to music. The new Invader Zim movie came out on Netflix yesterday and it's all I could have ever wanted and more. Invader Zim is probably my favorite show of all time and I was keeping up with the comics for a while, but I got a little bored with them. The movie does adapt part of the first issue of the comics and I think the rest was all original. I won't spoil anything but I think pretty much any Zim fan will be happy with it! The animation was beautiful and super fluid, also a few characters got some very nice development.


I created a links page, which has a button you can use to link back to my site, as well as links to other cool sites I've found on Neocities. I also made a small update to music. This is a very exciting time for me - my boyfriend and I are getting ready to move next month! We'll be moving from New York to Pittsburgh and already have an apartment picked out. Also unrelated, but I see they finally added my girl Poison to Street Fighter V. She looks amazing! Love her edgy glove, stocking, and short hair. Of course Capcom's out here to make a buck so I have to pay money to add her to my game.


Quick update for today - added some info to music as well as a few new games to visual novels. I realized that most of my reviews did not even explain what the game was about lmao. So I elaborated on them instead of just talking about how cool/good/cute they are.


I hope everyone (in the US) is having a good holiday! I added some glitter text and more stuff to fanlistings.


Added reviews for 2 more visual novels! I wanted to write more but then my cat laid down my lap and it's hard to type.


I got really unexpectedly busy the past few weeks! I had a friend visit from out of state for Memorial Day weekend, which was awesome, but other than that I've been bogged down by chores and other uninteresting things. I've been trying to dedicate a little more time to finishing Persona 5 because I started it back in December. Going forward, I'll be adding new music once a month! I added a new fanlistings page too, which I'll slowly be building up. I had no idea fanlistings still existed so I'm excited. Also, happy pride month!!! ★


Created an extra page, with links to my adoptions, Junko Enoshima shrine, and faves I stan.


Added more songs to music! In the future, I may update every month instead of every week. Still thinking about that one. I'm hoping to put up an adoptions page in the next week or two.


Updated music with new songs, created a page about my waifus, and included more games on my visual novels page. I'll be adding more little by little!


I added another game I'm currently playing to my visual novels page. When I have a chance, I'm going to start working on a list of all the VNs I've played with mini-reviews.


Official launch of this site! I added new music for you to listen to, a page about visual novels I like, and a guestbook!